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Available Dogs

For those of you looking for a new puppy either from me or anybody else, we have formed a group on Facebook called Puppy Education and Training for Dummies. This is an open group intended for puppy owners of all breeds, even mixed breeds. It is a place with many breeders where you can ask breed specific questions or find a breeder in your area that is conscientious in the health clearances on all breeding animals. We also have trainers on there to help with suggestions on how to get through problem areas and articles on care, training, Designer dogs falsehoods, and just general info on puppy care. Come by and take a look and join in.

Look forward to seeing you there.!!



Manny is a 4 year old neutered male. He is a very busy boy and needs a job where he is kept busy. His favorite toy is the Jolly Ball. He would do well in a single dog home. He gets along with other dogs he just plays hard. He is current on all vaccinations, crate trained, some obedience training and walks nicely on the leash. He is generally a quiet dog, not a barker except if I go outside and it is time for dinner and everyone is singing the dinner bell song.



Copper is a 9 month old male looking for his forerver home. He is a sweet boy who loves to have belly rubs and just wants to be with you. He gets along with other dogs. Crate trained and is working on walking quietly on the leash.